About Lesson

Welcome!  In this first lesson we go over what we will learn in this course.

This course does not teach, but does use HTML and CSS, so we recommend you learn that first.

Overall the course covers the following topics:

  1. How to setup your local environment
  2. How to setup you hosting environment
  3. PHP for WordPress (The Loop, Conditionals, Tags, Hooks, etc)
  4. How to work with Child Themes and Starter Themes
  5. The Template Hierarchy and Template Tags
  6. Action and Filter Hooks
  7. How to Start Building Plugins
  8. Internal WordPress REST APIs

Throughout the course you will follow along with me as I build a theme and plugin and have the opportunity to build your own theme and plugin as well 🙂

Next up we’ll look at how to setup our local WordPress environment so we can run WordPress on our computer.

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